Under the moniker of Lyves “hides” the pristine voice of Francesca Bergami. Her brand new single, ‘Faded’, is a smooth concentrate of R&B atmospheres that perfectly frame an intimate and sensual vocal journey. The track marks a solid return for the songstress, who recently supported Coldplay on their European Tour, playing in front of huge crowds and attracting the praise of online media and communities.

Soaked in velvety combinations of funky guitars and piano, Lyves’ voice unfolds across the track creating the perfect synthesis of the artists’ songwriting. It results in a powerful formula, which clearly embraces the wide set of influences the came across in her life.

Speaking about ‘Faded’, Lyves states: “I had the opportunity to record with some of my favourite musicians in London. Every part on the record was played live and their playing felt so colourful and expanded my grasp of the music – inspiring my vocal performance and where I felt I could go. I felt like I got a glimpse into a new space musically. I would like to create more records in this live context.”

Listen to ‘Faded’ below.

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