Spring King’s former drummer and vocalist Tarek Musa has announced the release of the first EP under the name of Dead Nature, along with the debut single ‘In My Heart’, out now on all platforms. The new project’s extended play, titled ‘Taking My Shadow’, was announced by the artist seven months after Spring King disbanded.

Dead Nature’s ‘In My Heart’ is a fast-paced experience that showcases Musa’s most intimate side, soaked in immediate guitar riffs and euphoric choruses. “I’ve been facing a lot of my past on this record. – the artist states on the EP – The process has been similar to that of my younger years where I was writing songs quite quickly, using instincts and gut feelings to propel the creative process. These songs explore ideas of loneliness and breaking away from your past, whilst challenging the notion of pride and the line between self-respect and egotism.”

Listen below.

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