Heartbreak has always been hot topic in songwriting. How to deal with it in the age of social media and unavoidable public exposure? LA trio MUNA are back with ‘Who’, the second new single off the announced sophomore album ‘Saves The World’ due out next September 6th via Columbia Records.

The new track – which follows up to ‘Number One Fan’ – is that ballad that, the band says, “about watching an ex sing a love song about someone new. In this day and age, it’s almost too easy to keep up with our exes and their exploits. This song speaks to that compulsive, powerless feeling of searching for information that you know might hurt you.”

MUNA’s 2017 ‘About U’ was a breakthrough of honest and direct synth-pop. The new singles are now filling us with anticipation for the second LP. Listen to ‘Who’ and watch its official visuals below.

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