Emily A. Sprague – aka Florist – has released the second single off the forthcoming new LP, ‘Emily Alone’, due out on Double Double Whammy on July 26th. ‘Time Is a Dark Feeling’ follows up to ‘Shadow Bloom’, released a few weeks ago, is part of the material Emily wrote towards the end of 2018 and after the artist moved to California from New York.

Introspective lyrics show the most intimate sides of Florist, embraced by solo arrangements of delicate guitar arpeggios and Emily’s velvety vocals. The new track is a mesmerizing and bold statement “against” time, its milestone events and then hours, days, weeks, months.

‘Time Is a Dark Feeling’ keeps filling us with anticipation for Florist’s new LP. ‘Emily Alone’ will mark the third full-length released for the band after 2017’s brilliant ‘If Blue Could Be Happiness’. In the meantime, watch the video for the new single below and check artwork and tracklist for the album.

‘Emily Alone’ – Tracklist
1. As Alone
2. Moon Begins
3. Celebration
4. I Also Have Eyes
5. Ocean Arms
6. Time Is A Dark Feeling
7. M
8. Now
9. Rain Song
10. Still
11. Shadow Bloom
12. Today I’ll Have You Around

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