London’s Tiiva have released the debut, self-produced track ‘Make Me Pure’, the first of a series of three releases in the form of a mini-EP.

Playing with vocals, expansive pop melodies, and ambient soundscapes, Tiiva merge complex architectures of synth and bass lines. The imaginary world built through a sophisticated sound is a representation of the club life in a busy city like London at night, with references to mental health as one of the pillars of the track.

Tiiva describe ‘Make Me Pure’ as “a self-exploration of my own hedonism and how detaching became the easiest form of survival.” A detachment, they say, we can often find in “the night time culture of darkened clubs, hazy bars and substance enhanced encounters.”

Listen to the brand new track here, and take a note: Tiiva is a new name to add to the ‘ones to watch’ list this year.

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