Young piano composer Gabriel Ólafs has shared his brand new instalment, the instrumental ‘Staircase Sonata’. The talented artist’s new creature is a peaceful symphonic tale told through the delicate notes of his piano.

The track, out via One Little Indian, “is a piano song that I wrote when there was a horrible storm in Iceland and the lake flooded into my studio”, says Ólafs. “All my instruments and microphones were in a big pool of water and the fire department came and carried my piano into the stairwell. Although it was an unpleasant event, I really enjoyed the reverb in the stairwell. So that’s where I composed the song. It’s bittersweet but it’s meant to capture positivity in a moment of unhappiness.”

The Icelandic composer is due to release his debut album ‘Absent Minded’ (August 30th). Listen to ‘Staircase Sonata’ here.

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